Our standards set standards in the valet parking industry. With over 30 years collective experience, owners Roy Nickolai and Kal Sonawala work hard at the smallest of details to ensure the ultimate service experience. Roy and Kal believe that attention to detail, compassion for others, and a desire to exceed expectations are all hallmarks of a successful company. Starting out at one of the busiest restaurants in San Francisco, their company has now expanded throughout the Bay Area, developing a reputation deserving of its discerning and distinguished clientele.

All About Parking has provided services for presidents, kings, princes, governors, professional athletes, and even the Dalai Lama. Employees are cleared by the Department of Justice in order to provide services for various dignitaries. High owner-operated standards have secured the company exclusive contracts to hotels, Michelin star-rated restaurants, luxury retirement communities, historic landmarks, country clubs, surgery centers and office buildings.

All About Parking ensures that its employees are of the highest caliber. The company has created custom software, training manuals, certification programs, and company handbooks to ensure that employees deliver a superior service. Employee satisfaction is high. Owners, Kal and Roy, take personal pride in being available and immediately responsive to the needs of their clients. This all contributes to the owners’ ultimate goal – converting first-time customers into lifelong customers.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Roy currently resides with his wife and teenage son in San Mateo. Kal came to the United States from India and resides with his wife in Santa Clara.