The valets at All About Parking see lots of unique vehicles each and every day. The team stays on top of the newest features as part of our commitment to providing the best service possible. All About Parking’s valets recently shared their favorite unique features. 1. Honda Odyssey Vacuum Cleaner (HondaVAC) Keeping a vehicle clean can be hard work, especially if you are busy. It is difficult to fit in time to go to the carwash in between work and social commitments. If you own…Continue Reading “5 of the Most Unique Features in Today’s Vehicles”

If you are considering buying a new vehicle, you are likely torn between an electric vehicle (EV) and a conventional vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE). The fuel source is the main difference between these vehicles. ICEs are powered by gasoline. The vehicle burns the gasoline internally to produce power for the car. On the other hand, EVs are powered at least partially by electricity. They have an electric motor that gets power from a fuel cell or batteries. While some EVs run solely…Continue Reading “Which Electric Vehicle Can Go the Furthest on a Single Charge?”

While job seeking as a college student there are several factors to consider. Firstly, will this job work with my class schedule? Secondly, can I gain relevant work experience from this job? Thirdly and most importantly, will this position get me closer to my career goals? Below are a few reasons why becoming an All About Parking valet could be the answer to all of these questions. We Accommodate School and Other Commitments As a college student, your day-to-day schedule can get hectic. Managing your…Continue Reading “3 Reasons Why Valet is the Best Job for College Students”

Vehicles sure have changed over the years. These days, vehicles do not just drive you from point A to point B. They have all kinds of innovative features to make your trips safer and more fun, and All About Parking’s valets stay on top of these technological advancements. Check out some of the coolest technological advancements that have happened in recent years. 1. Driving Modes Driving modes have changed the way people drive their vehicles. Now, people can switch from normal, eco, sport, sport plus,…Continue Reading “The 5 Latest Innovative Technological Advances in Today’s Vehicles”

The valet industry encounters a variety of vehicles on a daily basis, and it is important that employees know how to drive them all. All About Parking’s valets must pass a driving test before training for their new position. Then, during training, the valets learn how to drive sports and luxury cars. That means when you hand the keys over to one of All About Parking’s valets, your vehicle will be in good hands, no matter how complex the driving experience is. Speaking about difficult…Continue Reading “The 5 Most Difficult Cars to Drive”

You likely think that the valets who work at All About Parking simply park vehicles, but there is a lot of legwork that goes into the job. Valets start their day by securing all the items they need for a hard day’s work, such as ticket slips, traffic cones, and key hooks. Then, once the lot opens, they get to work. During the rush, they run out to greet customers and quickly secure the vehicles in safe parking spaces. They do not have the luxury…Continue Reading “Our Valets Say These Are the Top Running Shoes in the Industry”

Everyone hopes they will rise to the occasion when an emergency strikes, but most people freeze. They want to help but do not know what to do, so they just stand there, hoping someone else will come to the rescue. That was not the case for All About Parking employee Hector R. Hector did what so many people wish they could do but can not. Staying calm, cool, and collected, Hector saved a woman who was choking during breakfast, proving that he is the person…Continue Reading “An Extraordinary Case of an All About Parking Valet Going Above and Beyond for Their Customer”

Preparing for an interview can be an intimidating experience. The great news is that you’ve made it this far! You are one step closer to taking on your new role with All About Parking. So how do you make a positive impression and continue on this journey? Everyone is different. We may not have the exact answer but we do have some helpful tips for you to keep in mind when you’re getting ready for an interview with us. Review Your Resume Our goal at…Continue Reading “Preparing for an Interview with All About Parking”

Have you ever wondered what happens to your car when you hand your keys to a valet parking attendant? Do they take your car for a joy ride?? What exactly does a valet do anyway? Well, let’s start with the basics… Valet: A Short (Fun) History  The term “valet” was first used in the late 1500’s and described a male servant, whose sole job was to pamper his master (for Downton Abbey fans, think of Mr. Bates and his loyal servitude to Lord Grantham). When…Continue Reading “A Day in the Life of a Valet Parking Attendant”

When dining out, how much do you tip your waiter or waitress?  Your bartender? How about a bellhop or a valet attendant when you check in to a hotel? What do you do if the service is exceptional? Mediocre? While tipping etiquette for food services is fairly well-known (typically 15-22%), the protocol for valet parking tipping is not.  Whether traveling for business or pleasure, meeting a client at a busy office campus or attending an exclusive party downtown, here are our Top 3 FAQs on…Continue Reading “Valet Parking Tipping Etiquette”