Will you know how to drive my luxury car?

Yes. Since we service so many high-end clients, we deal with all types of vehicle makes and models on a regular basis. Whenever a new car comes in, we train our employees on the specifics of operating it. Additionally, when new advances are introduced to the market our management team goes directly to the dealerships and sets up a demonstration on how to properly operate the new technologies in the vehicles.

Will you park my car in a safe location?

Absolutely. Our lots are very secure, and we have one of the lowest accident-per-transaction
ratios in the industry. We park about 80,000 cars each month. We conduct and document damage control inspections on all vehicles prior to receiving the vehicle to ensure customer satisfaction with our services.

Is there any hourly minimum for your valet services?

Yes, we require a minimum of three hours per valet for special events.

Do you conduct background checks on your employees?

Yes, we conduct thorough criminal background checks on all applicants. We also perform DMV checks as part of our insurance and hiring process.

What happens if my car gets damaged while under your care?

While we take every precaution to care for your car, accidents do happen. In the event of an accident, we immediately document the situation and conduct an investigation into the claim. Many of our facilities have security cameras which we use to help complete the accident investigation. Should we determine to be at fault we either offer to have your vehicle fixed at our award-winning body shop or we file a claim through our insurance company. We strive to ensure a fair resolution for all parties.

What cities do you serve in the Bay Area?

We cover the following Bay Area Cities:
Atherton, Hillsborough, Burlingame, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Redwood
City, San Carlos, San Mateo, Woodside, San Jose, Willow Glen, Campbell, Cupertino,
Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Mountain View, Santa Clara,
Saratoga, Sunnyvale.

For some clients, we also host events in Monterey and Napa. If your event is located
in another San Francisco Bay Area city, we would be happy to recommend a service
provider there.

How do we determine the number of valet attendants we need for our event?

Our 30+ years’ experience in the valet parking industry has taught us that each event is unique and that any combination of the following factors will determine the necessary number of attendant’s: number of guests, type of guests (couples, families, singles), time of the event, location of the event and occasion of the event.

What happens if I book your valet service and the number of cars that show up is much greater than we anticipated?

With our extensive experience, we’ve developed a proven model for predicting demand for valets. However, in the rare case that there is an insufficient number of attendants, our in-depth employee training ensures our team is prepared to handle this type of situation. In addition, since we are the largest valet company on the Peninsula we can call in extra valets on a last-minute basis so that you can rest assured your event will run smoothly.

I am hosting an event where there will be several guests needing assistance from their cars into the ballroom. Can your valets help?

Yes. Our valets are trained specifically to assist guests in all their needs, whether that means assisting with a wheelchair, offering a stable hand, or even holding an umbrella to help guests stay dry in the rain.

In which counties do you provide valet services?

We provide valet parking services in the following counties:
Marin County
Napa County
San Francisco County
San Mateo County
Santa Clara County
Monterey County

I am planning a special event in San Mateo. Do you take care of obtaining a valet parking permit from the City of San Mateo?

If you are hosting an event in a private location (such as your residence) in San Mateo or any city in Silicon Valley, you do not need a special permit. If you are planning an event in a public location – such as Downtown San Mateo – special valet permitting would be required depending on the exact location. We have significant experience in working with city agencies and are happy to assist you in obtaining the appropriate parking permits.

In general, every city has its own rules and regulations regarding parking in public locations. For events on private properties, while in general permitting is not required, we take a proactive stance in enforming appropriate government agencies depending on the type of event. For example, if there is a large event that would impact a neighborhood significantly, or is close to a highway, we recommend that our clients notify their local police/sheriff’s department so they can be adequately prepared for community inquiries. Again, please let us know if we can offer our assistance in planning your special event in San Mateo, or any location in Silicon Valley!

What is a valet?

A valet, or valet parking attendant, is someone who parks and retrieves cars for guests at office campuses, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and any other public or private site where parking may be difficult or limited. Typically, a valet attendant will open the customer’s car door and greet them, inquire when they will return for their car, inspect the vehicle for any scratches or damages, provide to the customer a numbered ticket noting any pre-existing car damage, and then proceed to move the vehicle and store in a safe parking area nearby.  Based on when the customer anticipates returning, the valet may adjust guests’ cars in the parking lot for easier ingress/egress.

When the customer is ready for their car, they return to the valet stand and hand their ticket to a valet who will then run to retrieve the car.  In many cases, customers are able to call/text the valet ahead of time to inform them of their pending arrival in order to expedite their car retrieval.

In addition to parking and retrieving cars, valet parking attendants also often provide additional services for customers, such as offering directions, assisting with luggage, covering guests with umbrellas during inclement weather, and helping handicapped enter the venue.