We’re now health/safety certified by American Ratings Corp., demonstrating our superior knowledge, training, and commitment to following recommended COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

COVID-19 Return-to-Work Solutions

In this new era of Covid-19, we understand that many businesses are struggling with how to ensure their employees can return to work safely and remain healthy in the workplace. At an individual level, people are wondering how they can host weddings, funerals, graduation parties and other private events and still keep their guests safe.

We can help.

We’ve added new services to help address these concerns and have made significant changes to our existing valet, EV and bike management operations so you can get back to normal.

For Corporate Accounts

Our COVID-Response for Valet, EV and Bike Management Operations

All About Parking is committed to helping our customers and community slow the spread of COVID-19. To ensure the safety and health of our employees, customers and guests, we have initiated specific COVID-19 procedures per CDC Guidelines, such as wearing disposable masks and gloves and maintaining 6-feet distances from customers whenever possible.

(Read our full guidelines here)


Thermo scanning of employees at key entry points (e.g. shuttle stops, building lobbies)
Sanitization of high traffic campus locations (e.g. EV chargers, doors, podiums, bikes, buses)
Intra-campus transportation, incorporating social distancing measures for employees/guests
PPE distribution & management to facilitate a safe return-to-work environment
Contact tracing assistance for Client HR/health administrators


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