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The holiday season will be here before you know it, and you know what that means. You are going to need some extra cash. Whether you have to buy gifts for a significant other, children, family members, or friends, the holiday season can get expensive. Instead of spending the upcoming months stressed out, apply for seasonal employment with All About Parking.

Scheduling of Seasonal Employment

You will earn extra money when you are hired as a seasonal employee, but that is not all. All About Parking understands the importance of a work-life balance. We accommodate school and other commitments. Whether it is part-time or full-time, we work with you to set a schedule that works for all! During the onboarding process, seasonal employees are able to set their availability so that they may be scheduled according to what works best for them. The key is to let us know in advance on what days/times you will make yourself available. For example, can you only work on Friday nights? Great! We will be on the lookout to schedule you for Friday evening events. The more consistent you are in your availability, the higher the likelihood we will schedule you because we know we can count on you!

Work at Some of the Coolest Events

As a seasonal employee, you will get to work at some of the top events during the winter season. All About Parking’s valets are tapped to work at fundraisers, grand openings, weddings, corporate events, and so much more.

Along with valet services, All About Parking offers customer service staff, crowd control, usher services, and more. This is a fun way to hone your customer service skills while helping people in the community. Some of our events are even for celebrities, dignitaries, and CEOs, so you never know who you might meet.

Fun Working Environment

The team at All About Parking is positive, engaging, and helpful. This creates a fun working environment for everyone. You will make new friends while learning the ropes, and those relationships will continue well after you park your last vehicle of the season.

What About Training?

You might be concerned about having what it takes to become a seasonal employee at All About Parking. Once hired, you will go through All About Parking’s training program before you park your first vehicle. You will learn how to operate all makes and models of vehicles before you hit the pavement and get to work.

Seasonal employees love going through training. First of all, they get paid for this training! And more importantly, the training gives them skills they can use in their everyday lives, as well. Just imagine how cool it will be to learn how to drive your favorite sports car or luxury vehicles. Maybe a new vehicle will be in your future after you learn how to drive the best.

Are You Eligible?

Do you want to get started but you are not sure if you are eligible? The eligibility requirements are straightforward. For our non-driving positions, you need to be at least 18 years old and a proficient English speaker, so you can interact with the customers. For our driving positions such as Valet Attendant or Electric Valet, you also need a valid driver’s license, at least three years of driving experience, and no accidents or 2-point infractions for the five previous years.

Finally, All About Parking’s field attendants must be able to stand for long periods of time, run from parking spots back to the valet stand, and be outdoors for hours at a time. Does that sound like you? Apply today!

Join the Team

The holiday season is coming up, so get your application in today. There are only so many seasonal spots available, and they fill up quickly. Get your name on the list, so you can join an amazing team this holiday season!