Seasonal Employment with All About Parking

The holiday season will be here before you know it, and you know what that means. You are going to need some extra cash. Whether you have to buy gifts for a significant other, children, family members, or friends, the holiday season can get expensive. Instead of spending the upcoming months stressed out, apply for seasonal employment with All About Parking.

Scheduling of Seasonal Employment

You will earn extra money when you are hired as a seasonal employee, but that is not all. All About Parking understands the importance of a work-life balance. We accommodate school and other commitments. Whether it is part-time or full-time, we work with you to set a schedule that works for all! During the onboarding process, seasonal employees are able to set their availability so that they may be scheduled according to what works best for them. The key is to let us know in advance on what days/times you will make yourself available. For example, can you only work on Friday nights? Great! We will be on the lookout to schedule you for Friday evening events. The more consistent you are in your availability, the higher the likelihood we will schedule you because we know we can count on you!

Work at Some of the Coolest Events

As a seasonal employee, you will get to work at some of the top events during the winter season. All About Parking’s valets are tapped to work at fundraisers, grand openings, weddings, corporate events, and so much more.

Along with valet services, All About Parking offers customer service staff, crowd control, usher services, and more. This is a fun way to hone your customer service skills while helping people in the community. Some of our events are even for celebrities, dignitaries, and CEOs, so you never know who you might meet.

Fun Working Environment

The team at All About Parking is positive, engaging, and helpful. This creates a fun working environment for everyone. You will make new friends while learning the ropes, and those relationships will continue well after you park your last vehicle of the season.

What About Training?

You might be concerned about having what it takes to become a seasonal employee at All About Parking. Once hired, you will go through All About Parking’s training program before you park your first vehicle. You will learn how to operate all makes and models of vehicles before you hit the pavement and get to work.

Seasonal employees love going through training. First of all, they get paid for this training! And more importantly, the training gives them skills they can use in their everyday lives, as well. Just imagine how cool it will be to learn how to drive your favorite sports car or luxury vehicles. Maybe a new vehicle will be in your future after you learn how to drive the best.

Are You Eligible?

Do you want to get started but you are not sure if you are eligible? The eligibility requirements are straightforward. For our non-driving positions, you need to be at least 18 years old and a proficient English speaker, so you can interact with the customers. For our driving positions such as Valet Attendant or Electric Valet, you also need a valid driver’s license, at least three years of driving experience, and no accidents or 2-point infractions for the five previous years.

Finally, All About Parking’s field attendants must be able to stand for long periods of time, run from parking spots back to the valet stand, and be outdoors for hours at a time. Does that sound like you? Apply today!

Join the Team

The holiday season is coming up, so get your application in today. There are only so many seasonal spots available, and they fill up quickly. Get your name on the list, so you can join an amazing team this holiday season!

3 Reasons Why Valet is the Best Job for College Students

While job seeking as a college student there are several factors to consider. Firstly, will this job work with my class schedule? Secondly, can I gain relevant work experience from this job? Thirdly and most importantly, will this position get me closer to my career goals? Below are a few reasons why becoming an All About Parking valet could be the answer to all of these questions.

We Accommodate School and Other Commitments

As a college student, your day-to-day schedule can get hectic. Managing your grades, your work, and your personal time can be a challenge. In other words, finding a job that works with your hours can be nearly impossible. At All About Parking, we value a work-life balance. Full-time, part-time or special events (weekends & evenings), we work with you to set a schedule that works for all.  

Terrific Training Program

We at All About Parking believe in skill-building. As a college student, you have already established your yearning for personal and professional growth. With our comprehensive training and development programs, you can continue to build your skills outside of the classroom. You will develop skills you can carry with you throughout your career, no matter what path you choose.

Career Growth Opportunities

As a valet with All About Parking, there are many opportunities for advancement. Above all, becoming a valet could be a great start to a flourishing career. Whether you simply need extra income while pursuing a college degree, or are looking to make your mark in customer service, staff or management roles, we offer growth paths that suit your skills. 

Get top pay to drive sports and luxury cars. Apply online today! For more information about how you can become a valet, visit our website at

An Extraordinary Case of an All About Parking Valet Going Above and Beyond for Their Customer

Everyone hopes they will rise to the occasion when an emergency strikes, but most people freeze. They want to help but do not know what to do, so they just stand there, hoping someone else will come to the rescue. That was not the case for All About Parking employee Hector R. Hector did what so many people wish they could do but can not. Staying calm, cool, and collected, Hector saved a woman who was choking during breakfast, proving that he is the person you want to have around in a time of crisis.

A True Hero

During a break from work, Hector went over to our client’s company cafe to enjoy some breakfast. As he was eating his meal, a woman who was sitting next to him started choking on her food. While others wondered what to do, Hector went right into action. He provided quick assistance and dislodged her food, saving her life.

The woman Hector saved was beyond grateful. She realized how lucky she was to have Hector there at the right time. His calm demeanor and quick action was just what she needed during her time of crisis.

Hector, on the other hand, did not think twice about it. He is a special type of person who sees it as his duty to help others. He has remained humble even as he has become a local hero.

The Picture of All About Parking’s Core Values

Hector exemplifies our company’s core values. We strive to serve exceptionally, care passionately, keep a positive attitude, learn from mistakes, express gratitude, welcome diversity, and lift others. These core values are not only important to employees while at work. Employees live and breathe these values, making All About Parking’s team stand out. Hector is a prime example of what living these values means. When people have these values, they strive to make the world a better place and to help others as often as they can.

The fact that Hector has these values is no accident. All About Parking hires employees who fit into the company culture. That way, the company always has the best team possible. Even so, it is so exciting to see these values at work in such a major way. Kudos to Hector!

The All About Parking Family

The All About Parking family could not be prouder of Hector. The Equipment, Facilities & Maintenance Department even made Hector a “Lifesaver” necklace to show their appreciation. The necklace is made of Lifesaver candy, and it is a fun way to thank Hector for what he as done and to recognize his achievement.

What Would You Do?

Most people do not know what they would do in a time of crisis, but you can mark Hector’s name off that list. He has proven himself as someone you want in a time of crisis. Thank you to Hector and all the other amazing members that make up the All About Parking team. A company is only as good as the team it employs, and our members are a cut above the rest. Some are even lifesavers!

Preparing for an Interview with All About Parking

valet customer servicePreparing for an interview can be an intimidating experience. The great news is that you’ve made it this far! You are one step closer to taking on your new role with All About Parking. So how do you make a positive impression and continue on this journey? Everyone is different. We may not have the exact answer but we do have some helpful tips for you to keep in mind when you’re getting ready for an interview with us.

Review Your Resume

Our goal at All About Parking is to provide all of our employees with ample opportunity for growth and success. We understand that our most in-demand positions, Valet Attendants and Customer Service Representatives, are great entry-level positions. As an applicant, your resume should be a one-page profile of your qualifications as they relate to your preferred position. Applying for an entry-level position, you may not have as much experience to add to your resume as you would like. Keep in mind that any volunteer experience or extracurricular activities are experiences that you can add to your resume! Our advice is to know your experiences well and to be prepared to answer any potential questions regarding how they align with the qualifications of your preferred position.

Know Why You Want to Work with All About Parking

We at All About Parking want qualified employees. We also want employees that care about what we do. All About Parking is more than just about parking cars. We are a customer service driven service. We care about each and every one of our employees and we want employees that care about the quality of our service. Our advice is to review our core values (you’ll find these here). If these values align with your personal values, we may be a match for you. Choose a few of our values that stand out to you and discuss them with your recruiter. This will not only show that you care but it will also let us know which of our values mean the most to you.

Be Professional

This may be easier said than done. What does “be professional” mean? In the eyes of All About Parking, being professional is all about preparation and punctuality. Come prepared and be on time. Being professionally prepared means that you should have the following in mind:

  • Bring a copy of your resume on resume paper for reference.
  • Bring a notepad and a pen for notes – potentially in a portfolio.
  • Groom appropriately. Wear something business appropriate. Remember, “dress for the job that you want.”
  • Have all of your materials, be dressed well, and show up on time.

It may sound like common sense to show up on time but how you respect your interview schedule will say a lot about your overall punctuality. Actions speak louder than words. For a successful interview, we suggest showing up 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. We care about your time, we are looking for employees who care about ours.


All About Parking’s motto is “specializing in first and lasting impressions.” We suggest that you are conscious of your body language during an interview with us. Be positive, smile, and make your first impression a lasting one.

Follow Up

Be proactive about your success. Send a follow up with All About Parking after your interview. Personalize your email and thank your recruiter for their time. Remember, you are not the only candidate. You need to differentiate yourself! Our best advice to gaining the attention of our recruiters is to follow these simple tips and carry yourself with integrity. We hope your interview experience with us goes well! We wish you the best of luck with your job search.

For more information about All About Parking and our open positions, visit our website at

A Day in the Life of a Valet Parking Attendant

Valet Key

Have you ever wondered what happens to your car when you hand your keys to a valet parking attendant? Do they take your car for a joy ride?? What exactly does a valet do anyway? Well, let’s start with the basics…

Valet: A Short (Fun) History 

The term “valet” was first used in the late 1500’s and described a male servant, whose sole job was to pamper his master (for Downton Abbey fans, think of Mr. Bates and his loyal servitude to Lord Grantham). When valets first emerged hundreds of years ago, there were no cars, and “valet” was pronounced like “mallet.”  Our methods of transportation have changed significantly since then, and the traditional “valet” job has now evolved into “parking valet” or more commonly, the “valet parking attendant.” And the “t” in “valet” is now silent!

So, what does a typical day look like for a valet parking attendant in today’s world of too many cars and not enough parking spots?

Preparing for Customers’ Morning Rush to the Office

A valet’s typical morning starts with greeting fellow valets and preparing material/equipment needed for a day that’s soon to become a blend of cars, customers, and tight squeezes. Such items often include key hooks, ticket slips, traffic cones, flags, pens, iPads, and most importantly, secure shoelaces, as there will be lots of running!

Preparing for Event Parking

While valets at office campuses have the benefit of already knowing their site layout and equipment needed, event valet attendants – such as those working a wedding – have to learn their customer’s unique layout and specific parking requirements each time.  This means that when they show up to work an event, they review the event plan and locate additional equipment such as flashlights, jumper cables, trash bags, parking signs, and the all-important: valet-designated restroom they are authorized to use!

Ready, Set, Go!

Once all equipment is set, the valets double check that they are ready to properly receive their arriving customers during the anticipated rush period. Hair combed? Check. Shirt tucked in? Check. Shoelaces tied? Double check. Smile? Let’s Go!

Valet Attendants’ Secret to Success

A valet’s initiative and eagerness to please still reign above all other job responsibilities, much as was true for valets hundreds of years ago. Running to greet customers and opening their doors with a smile is the secret to success for any good valet attendant, as is running to retrieve the customers’ precious cars upon their return. Rush periods are so hectic with customers coming and going that the only chance a valet has to slow down and take a breath is while operating a vehicle!


After the initial rush of customers (which varies by office or event situation), valets work together to recount cars, keys, and tickets to ensure all valuables are accounted for. Occasionally valets help customers who need to depart early from work or an event by moving blocked cars – sometimes up to three or four – to allow space for the customers to pass. No matter how jammed a parking lot may seem from the outside, trained valet attendants can always find ways to safely clear a path.

 Time for a Joy Ride?

Not ever! Reputable valet parking companies such as All About Parking enforce strict rules and monitor all valet attendants to ensure they move vehicles only to park, unblock or retrieve cars. That’s it!

Break Time

Valets are on their feet up to 8 hours a day sprinting and hustling for cars. It gets exceptionally exhausting, particularly in the hot sun!  And only after the parking lot is set in place and the initial rush is over do valets take a brief break to recharge, rehydrate, and reconvene to get ready for the most exciting rush of the day: customer pickups.

Customer Pickups  

Experienced office campus valet attendants shine during customer pickups by recognizing faces, vehicles, and keychains which allow them to provide peak service and a ready car before the customer even arrives at the main podium. These office parking valets form relationships with their customers based on a shared trust and service knowing that each has just put in a hard days’ work. While event valet attendants may not have the pleasure of knowing their customers as well as office campus valets, they do everything they can to ensure the customer leaves with a wonderful lasting impression of the event they just attended.

Whether it’s at an event or the office, pickups are rapid, and oftentimes cars and people disappear before valets even have a chance to say goodbye. But rest assured that though the valet service may be over, parking attendants know their job is only done after the sun has set (or the moon has risen), all keys and cars returned to their rightful owners, and the tired yet happy attendants get ready for their next parking adventure…

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