Campus Bikes: Transportation Benefit or Burden?

If you spend much time out and about, you know that bikes have made a comeback in Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area. While they’re popular on the streets, they are even more plentiful on office campuses, especially large ones with multiple buildings. People hop on bikes to travel to different buildings instead of driving their vehicles or taking lengthy strolls.

Campus bikes can be extremely beneficial to both employees and facilities managers, but they also bring some burdens along for the ride, as well. Fortunately, there’s a solution to the burdens so that employers and employees can enjoy the benefits without the drawbacks.

Learn about campus bike benefits and burdens. Then discover the simple solution.

Benefits of Bikes on Campus

Some of the biggest tech companies have embraced bicycles for employees due to the benefits. First and foremost, biking reduces transportation time, which increases productivity. Without bicycles, employees have two choices, and neither is ideal. One, they can get in their vehicles, drive to the building, and then try to find parking. What could have been a short five-minute bike ride turns into a 20- or 30-minute ordeal.

Second, they can ride public transportation to a stop that’s closer to the location. Then they have to take a brisk walk to their destination. Again, this is a huge time-waster, and it also costs money. That’s not ideal, either. Biking solves both problems by ensuring that people get to their destinations quickly without shelling out money for transportation.

Biking around campus also boosts creativity. Between the fresh air and the exercise, bikers enjoy a rush of endorphins that provide a nice creative boost. Biking can make meetings and brainstorming sessions much more productive.

Finally, biking is a sustainable form of transportation. Many Silicon Valley companies understand the importance of green living. Making employees burn fuel to travel around campus goes against that belief, so biking is a must.

Burdens of Bikes on Campus

Biking on campus can also create some pretty significant burdens. First, there is the traffic. Bikes, pedestrians, and vehicles often fight for a share of the roads. This can lead to lots of near misses and some serious accidents.

Bikers also experience other safety hazards. Graveled corners, potholes, cracks, and other issues are threats to bikers. If these hazards aren’t properly identified, bikers can wipe out on the way to important meetings.

Speaking of safety hazards, bike clutter is another issue that companies face. While companies love it when employees bike around campus, the higher-ups can’t help but feel a bit perturbed when they go outside and see bikes discarded throughout the campus. Employees tend to set bikes off to the side when they’re done, and as the hours pass, the number of discarded bikes piles up. This is a hazard for pedestrians and an eyesore.

Lost and stolen bikes are also an obstacle. Employers have important work to do, and that doesn’t involve acting as the bike police. They cannot spend their time hunting down lost bikes, and they also don’t want to shell out money to replace bikes that have gone missing.  

Bike availability is another concern for employers and employees. Biking only saves time and increases productivity if bikes are readily available. In the case of bike-sharing programs, employees might go outside to grab a bike, only to realize that there aren’t any available. Then employees have to go to plan B.

The Solution

Are you getting worried about all these burdens? Don’t give up on biking on campus quite yet because there is an easy solution.

All About Parking’s Bike Valet Solution removes all the burdens you face when biking on campus. We monitor and control traffic to ensure safety for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. We identify and remove bikes from hazardous locations and prevent clutter by gathering discarded bikes and placing them in the proper location.

What about lost and stolen bikes? That problem can’t possibly be solved, can it? It can with All About Parking’s Bike Valet Solution. We track bikes and collect them as needed. Our tracking system means people can’t discreetly remove bikes from campus. Also, if they forget where they left their bikes, we can find them.

We even help with productivity by ensuring bikes are available on demand. If your employees need a bike, they’ll have access to one.

Request a Quote

Learn more about our valet bike solution by getting a free site inspection. All About Parking will inspect your site, provide a quote and when you’re ready, we’ll implement the solution.

By Cedric Jackson via UpWork 

How to Solve Parking Lot Chaos on Campus

When you host an event on campus or an exclusive venue, you expect to generate lots of excitement. You are prepared for attendees to be enthusiastic about the event, so they might get a little loud as they take their seats. That can be a bit chaotic, but it’s a happy and manageable form of chaos.

What you don’t expect is for the chaos to extend to the parking lot, but without a parking plan in place, it likely will. Large numbers of attendees and tight parking spaces lead to disorder and confusion. It gets even worse when you host events in metropolitan areas like Silicon Valley. Limited parking spaces leave people driving around, searching for spots. When they finally find one, the event is well underway, and they are so frustrated they want to go home.

This is a frustrating but solvable problem. Valet parking makes arriving at events a breeze. Valet services go beyond parking vehicles. All About Parking provides a fully immersive experience that includes greeting attendees, coat and bag checks, and more. The team can even wear themed uniforms when handling the parking duties for your event.

Are you getting excited about valet parking? Find out how to get started.

Step 1 – Book a Site Inspection

We begin the process by providing a free site inspection. The All About Parking team has decades of experience, and that has taught us a thing or two about analyzing parking lots. A tour of the space will let us know which areas are most likely to create chaos and what we need to do to maintain the flow. The inspection even helps us decide the number of valets you need for your event.

We want you to have the best event possible, which is why we always start with this process. Simply explaining your lot’s structure over the phone is not the same. We need to see the lot to pick up the obstacles that an untrained eye will miss.

Step 2 – Utilize the Parking Consultant Services

All About Parking’s Parking Consultant Services are second to none. Our consultants customize plans for each client they serve. While plans are unique to each client, they include three components that are vital to your event’s success.

First, the plans maximize real estate space. Are you concerned that your parking lot isn’t large enough to accommodate the crowds? Work directly with our consultants, so they can develop a plan for you.

Two, our plans reduce traffic jams during events. It’s impossible to completely prevent a slowdown when thousands of vehicles are driving to the same location. Still, our expertise allows us to greatly reduce the traffic jams that frustrate drivers.

Three, our plans improve the overall guest experience. This goes beyond providing ample spots for parking and reducing traffic jams. Our professional valets understand the meaning of service with a smile. They are friendly, polite, and trustworthy, and they will make a good first impression when people arrive at the venue.

Step 3 – Implement the Valet Service

The hard work is finally over, and now it’s time for the fun to begin. For step three, you’ll need to implement our valet services. All About Parking will manage everything, from overseeing the valet staff to ensuring that each vehicle is properly parked and secured. You can leave the heavy lifting to All About Parking’s talented team.

Have a Stress-free Event

Is parking adding to the stress of planning your next event? Instead of worrying about the logistics, hand over the job to All About Parking. Then you can sit back and watch your happy attendees and employees.

Contact All About Parking to request a quote.

What Is EV Charging?

More people than ever before own electric vehicles. People love these vehicles for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because they are better for the environment and less expensive to maintain and run. There is one issue that many owners have, though. They need to keep their vehicles charged and ready to go. 

Many large corporations have some EV charging stations but not enough for everyone. The constant worry of timing a charge makes it difficult for employees to focus and concentrate on their work. This is a huge problem for corporations with employees who drive electric vehicles. All About Parking identified this problem and created a solution, our EV charging valet service.

Let Us Manage Your EV Charging Stations

Our EV charging valet service takes the stress off your employees. They simply bring their electric vehicles to work and All About Parking does the rest. Our skilled attendants monitor the vehicles as they charge and switch them out as needed. Once a vehicle is charged, the valet moves it to a secure parking spot and charges another vehicle. This continues until all the electric vehicles are fully charged and ready to go.

If your employees are worried about handing their vehicles off to one of our valets, they can rest assured that our team knows how to drive every type of electric vehicle out there. Each employee is trained to master all vehicles and stays on top of new features. That means that every vehicle in your lot will be safely charged and parked. That will be a huge relief for your employees.

Increased Productivity

You and your employees will be happy when you use All About Parking’s EV charging valet service. When your employees no longer have to monitor their vehicles and move them so other people can get a charge, they will not only save time but become more productive. They can focus on work while our attendants focus on the vehicles. Just imagine how much more your employees will get done when they can actually focus and work all day.

An Excellent Employee Incentive

Our valet services are also an excellent incentive to use when recruiting new talent. Top companies offer unique incentive packages to get top talent to work with them, and All About Parking’s EV charging valet service is an excellent addition to such a package. Our EV charging valet service shows that your company is committed to the well being of the environment as well as to the satisfaction of your employees. If you want a hiring edge, this can help.

Our EV Charging Valet Clients

All About Parking provides the EV charging valet service to some of the biggest companies out there. Our valet and commercial services have proven to be an invaluable asset to these companies, and we can not wait to add your company’s name to the list.

Enjoy the Benefits of the EV Charging Valet

With so many benefits, it is time to sign up for All About Parking’s EV charging valet service. Your employees will be excited, and you will love the additional productivity. To learn more about how you can begin offering EV charging valet and other commercial services to your employees, visit our website at and request a quote today!

Seasonal Employment with All About Parking

The holiday season will be here before you know it, and you know what that means. You are going to need some extra cash. Whether you have to buy gifts for a significant other, children, family members, or friends, the holiday season can get expensive. Instead of spending the upcoming months stressed out, apply for seasonal employment with All About Parking.

Scheduling of Seasonal Employment

You will earn extra money when you are hired as a seasonal employee, but that is not all. All About Parking understands the importance of a work-life balance. We accommodate school and other commitments. Whether it is part-time or full-time, we work with you to set a schedule that works for all! During the onboarding process, seasonal employees are able to set their availability so that they may be scheduled according to what works best for them. The key is to let us know in advance on what days/times you will make yourself available. For example, can you only work on Friday nights? Great! We will be on the lookout to schedule you for Friday evening events. The more consistent you are in your availability, the higher the likelihood we will schedule you because we know we can count on you!

Work at Some of the Coolest Events

As a seasonal employee, you will get to work at some of the top events during the winter season. All About Parking’s valets are tapped to work at fundraisers, grand openings, weddings, corporate events, and so much more.

Along with valet services, All About Parking offers customer service staff, crowd control, usher services, and more. This is a fun way to hone your customer service skills while helping people in the community. Some of our events are even for celebrities, dignitaries, and CEOs, so you never know who you might meet.

Fun Working Environment

The team at All About Parking is positive, engaging, and helpful. This creates a fun working environment for everyone. You will make new friends while learning the ropes, and those relationships will continue well after you park your last vehicle of the season.

What About Training?

You might be concerned about having what it takes to become a seasonal employee at All About Parking. Once hired, you will go through All About Parking’s training program before you park your first vehicle. You will learn how to operate all makes and models of vehicles before you hit the pavement and get to work.

Seasonal employees love going through training. First of all, they get paid for this training! And more importantly, the training gives them skills they can use in their everyday lives, as well. Just imagine how cool it will be to learn how to drive your favorite sports car or luxury vehicles. Maybe a new vehicle will be in your future after you learn how to drive the best.

Are You Eligible?

Do you want to get started but you are not sure if you are eligible? The eligibility requirements are straightforward. For our non-driving positions, you need to be at least 18 years old and a proficient English speaker, so you can interact with the customers. For our driving positions such as Valet Attendant or Electric Valet, you also need a valid driver’s license, at least three years of driving experience, and no accidents or 2-point infractions for the five previous years.

Finally, All About Parking’s field attendants must be able to stand for long periods of time, run from parking spots back to the valet stand, and be outdoors for hours at a time. Does that sound like you? Apply today!

Join the Team

The holiday season is coming up, so get your application in today. There are only so many seasonal spots available, and they fill up quickly. Get your name on the list, so you can join an amazing team this holiday season!

5 of the Most Unique Features in Today’s Vehicles

The valets at All About Parking see lots of unique vehicles each and every day. The team stays on top of the newest features as part of our commitment to providing the best service possible. All About Parking’s valets recently shared their favorite unique features.

1. Honda Odyssey Vacuum Cleaner (HondaVAC)

Keeping a vehicle clean can be hard work, especially if you are busy. It is difficult to fit in time to go to the carwash in between work and social commitments. If you own a Honda Odyssey, you can take care of your vacuuming needs from the comfort of home thanks to the HondaVAC. This vacuum cleaner easily stretches all over the minivan, letting you clean every nook and cranny. The valets at All About Parking have seen this vacuum in action, and they are impressed. They can not wait until it is available in more vehicles.

2. Volvo Drowsiness Detection

Safety is at the forefront of valets’ minds at All About Parking. Our team wants the customers to stay safe on the road, so we were thrilled when we came across Volvo’s drowsiness detection feature. Using a camera system, the technology monitors the driver’s head and eye movements. If it does not like what it sees, it sends an alert to let you know it is time for a break. While our valets are well-rested and do not need this feature at work, it is something everyone can get behind when driving around town.

3. Seat Coolers (Volkswagen Phaeton)

Customers often hand their vehicles off to valets on hot days. Our valets have noticed that people driving the Volkswagen Phaeton do not seem bothered by the heat at all. That is because of their unique seat cooling feature. Our valets are fascinated by this feature and expect it to become more common once everyone realizes how nice it is to stay cool during a long drive.

4. Sky Control (Mercedes SL)

All About Parking’s valets love the sky control feature in the Mercedes SL. Sky control is an electromagnetic glass panel that gives the driver control over the amount of heat and brightness that gets into the vehicle. Drivers can easily brighten or dim the vehicle as they travel the roads. Our valets have seen this feature in action and say it is one of the coolest available.

5. Anti-Theft Technology (Rolls Royce)

The Rolls Royce is easily identified by the Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood. This ornament is a favorite for thieves, so the safety-oriented valets at All About Parking were pleased when Rolls Royce added anti-theft technology to its vehicles. If anyone tries to pull the hood ornament off, it disappears under the hood’s surface. This feature has foiled many a thief, but it is yet to be needed in All About Parking’s parking lots. These lots are safe and secure, so thieves do not even try to steal hood ornaments. It will come in handy when you are out and about in other parts of the city, though.

It is a Great Time to Drive

These unique features show how the automotive industry is changing and thriving. There are so many modern features out there, and new features seem to be added every month. All About Parking’s valets stay on top of each new feature. When you hand your vehicle off to one of our valets, you can rest assured that they are familiar with every feature inside. That allows our team to safely park virtually every vehicle, no matter how complicated the technology is. 

Which Electric Vehicle Can Go the Furthest on a Single Charge?

If you are considering buying a new vehicle, you are likely torn between an electric vehicle (EV) and a conventional vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE). The fuel source is the main difference between these vehicles. ICEs are powered by gasoline. The vehicle burns the gasoline internally to produce power for the car.

On the other hand, EVs are powered at least partially by electricity. They have an electric motor that gets power from a fuel cell or batteries.

While some EVs run solely on electricity, others are plug-in hybrids that have a diesel or gas-powered engine along with an electric motor. These vehicles can switch between electric and gas modes.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

EVs come with several advantages that drivers love. First, of course, these vehicles greatly reduce, and in some cases entirely eliminate, fuel costs. Gas is so expensive these days that avoiding the gas pumps altogether or only fueling up now and then is a huge reason to buy an EV.

These vehicles are also environmentally friendly. There is a lot of talk about global warming these days, and many people are looking for ways to do their part. If you want to join in and help, an EV is a great place to start. These vehicles do not have the same environmental impact as ICEs do.

It is also easy to keep these vehicles powered. Instead of standing at a gas pump, you can just plug in your EV at home or work. You do not have to stand there and wait for it to charge. You can go about your day and come back to a fully charged vehicle.

Now you are thinking an EV might be the right choice for you, but you want something that can go far. You do not want to have to stop for a charge on the way to work or when you’re coming home from an event. That means you want to choose a vehicle that has the power you need to enjoy your daily life.

So which vehicle is the winner?

Meet the Tesla Model S

Tesla has long been the go-to choice for people who want electric vehicles. The company has managed to create some beautiful, high-performing electric cars, and the Tesla Model S is no exception. The Tesla S Long Range goes an amazing 335 miles on a single charge, while the Tesla S Performance goes 315 miles on one charge.

Both vehicles top out at 155 miles per hour, so you still get lots of speed and power with the electric engine. The Performance model can even go from 0-60 in 3 seconds with the standard package, or you can upgrade to Ludicrous Mode for a 20 percent faster acceleration.

Who said that electric vehicles do not have power?

Stay Charged on the Go

When you buy a new electric car, you will need a plan to keep it charged. That is easy when you use All About Parking’s EV Charging Valet. Our attendants can manage your company’s electric vehicle charging stations, swapping out vehicles that are fully charged with vehicles that need a charge. That means you can continue to work when your vehicle charges, and it will be ready for you at the end of the day. Then, you can hop in your fully charged vehicle and go anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

3 Reasons Why Valet is the Best Job for College Students

While job seeking as a college student there are several factors to consider. Firstly, will this job work with my class schedule? Secondly, can I gain relevant work experience from this job? Thirdly and most importantly, will this position get me closer to my career goals? Below are a few reasons why becoming an All About Parking valet could be the answer to all of these questions.

We Accommodate School and Other Commitments

As a college student, your day-to-day schedule can get hectic. Managing your grades, your work, and your personal time can be a challenge. In other words, finding a job that works with your hours can be nearly impossible. At All About Parking, we value a work-life balance. Full-time, part-time or special events (weekends & evenings), we work with you to set a schedule that works for all.  

Terrific Training Program

We at All About Parking believe in skill-building. As a college student, you have already established your yearning for personal and professional growth. With our comprehensive training and development programs, you can continue to build your skills outside of the classroom. You will develop skills you can carry with you throughout your career, no matter what path you choose.

Career Growth Opportunities

As a valet with All About Parking, there are many opportunities for advancement. Above all, becoming a valet could be a great start to a flourishing career. Whether you simply need extra income while pursuing a college degree, or are looking to make your mark in customer service, staff or management roles, we offer growth paths that suit your skills. 

Get top pay to drive sports and luxury cars. Apply online today! For more information about how you can become a valet, visit our website at

The 5 Latest Innovative Technological Advances in Today’s Vehicles

Vehicles sure have changed over the years. These days, vehicles do not just drive you from point A to point B. They have all kinds of innovative features to make your trips safer and more fun, and All About Parking’s valets stay on top of these technological advancements. Check out some of the coolest technological advancements that have happened in recent years.

1. Driving Modes

Driving modes have changed the way people drive their vehicles. Now, people can switch from normal, eco, sport, sport plus, individual, and track with the push of a button. The driving modes alter the suspension and steering ratio in the vehicle and even change the engine’s performance.

Even electric vehicles have modes that people can use to switch from electric power to hybrid. If you find yourself having to use hybrid when you prefer the all-electric mode, just hand your vehicle off to one of All About Parking’s EV Charging Valets. The attendant will ensure your vehicle gets the juice it needs while you’re out and about.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

When cruise control first hit the market, people were excited. They loved to set it and forget about it, but quickly realized standard cruise control requires monitoring. People had to change the settings to speed up and slow down, so it was not nearly as convenient as they initially expected.

That changed with adaptive cruise control. This system uses a radar or camera system to track the vehicles that are located ahead of the car. Then, the system adjusts the speed as needed. Advanced systems can even bring the vehicle to a complete stop. This system reduces driver fatigue and makes it so much more fun to drive.

3. Connected Mobile Apps

It seems like your smartphone can do anything and everything. It can check the weather, send you directions, and connect you with friends and family members. You might not realize your smartphone can also be integrated into your vehicle. Many vehicles now offer connected mobile apps. These apps can allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, monitor your fuel and tire pressure, and so much more. Then, of course, you can also enjoy basic features such as calling and listening to music with the help of your mobile phone.

4. Exit Warning to Protect Cyclists

Have you ever swung your car door open, only to end up hitting a cyclist? This is more common than you might think, and vehicle manufacturers have taken note. Now, many offer exit warning systems to protect cyclists. The system monitors the area after the engine is shut off, and if a bicyclist approaches, a warning goes off. Some systems even prevent people from opening the doors if an object is approaching.

You can swing over without worrying about people opening their car doors and hitting your bike. This is great news for our All About Parking valet attendants who maneuver cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists in busy parking lots.

5. Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking just might be the best feature to come out in recent years. Vehicles use sensors to monitor the roadways. If an obstacle such as a pedestrian or vehicle jumps out in front of the car, the automatic braking system kicks in and prevents an accident. The system works faster than the human brain does, so it does an excellent job of preventing accidents.

What Will the Future Bring?

These innovative technological advancements have changed the way people think of vehicles. It also makes you wonder what the future will bring. It is impossible to tell, but one thing is for sure: All About Parking’s valets will always take the time to learn about the new advancements so they can safely park your vehicle.

The 5 Most Difficult Cars to Drive

Valet Parking

The valet industry encounters a variety of vehicles on a daily basis, and it is important that employees know how to drive them all. All About Parking’s valets must pass a driving test before training for their new position. Then, during training, the valets learn how to drive sports and luxury cars. That means when you hand the keys over to one of All About Parking’s valets, your vehicle will be in good hands, no matter how complex the driving experience is.

Speaking about difficult driving experiences, here are the vehicles that are the hardest to drive. Do not worry if you own one of these vehicles. Our team can get it into a spot safely and securely.

1. Dodge Challenger Hellcat

At 4,449 pounds, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is like a yacht on the land. It is difficult for inexperienced drivers to maneuver this beast around tight corners, especially when they unleash this vehicle’s power. It produces 707 horsepower and can go from 0 to 60 in a mere 3.7 seconds. Those who do not know what they are doing can end up in a tight spot on the roadways.

2. Porsche Cayman

The Porsche Cayman is a gorgeous vehicle, but it is also difficult to drive. The vehicle has a tendency to turn dramatically and when that happens, it can be hard to get it back on track. Fortunately, seasoned valets know how to tame this beast and get it into a parking spot.

3. Cadillac CTS-V

The Cadillac CTS-V is not just a sleek and gorgeous machine. It is also full of power. The 6.2-liter V-8 engine can easily power you through straightaways and turns, but things can get dicey when you shut down the traction and stability controls. When that happens, the back tires might start spinning and you could end up in a ditch instead of on the roadway.

4. Lamborghini Countach

Many people dream of sliding behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, but those who own the Countach need to be careful. This vehicle has an ultra-low profile that makes it hard to see vehicles that are next to you and behind you. Also, the controls are heavy, so you need to pay extra attention to every action you take in this vehicle. Once you get used to it, though, you can expect an unrivaled driving experience.

5. TVR Sagaris

The TVR Sagaris is quite the showpiece, but you need to be careful when you are behind the wheel. This vehicle does not have electronic aids to keep you on the road, so your skills will be put to the test. Only drivers of the utmost skill, including the valets at All About Parking, should get behind the wheel of this gorgeous vehicle.

Driving Might Be Hard, but Parking Is Easy

While some vehicles are difficult to drive, parking should always be easy. All About Parking’s valets are trained to park even the most difficult of vehicles. Still, if you are concerned that your vehicle is too complex for others to operate, the valets can make accommodations so you can self-park. The valets do everything in their power to make parking easy, no matter how complex the vehicle.

Our Valets Say These Are the Top Running Shoes in the Industry

You likely think that the valets who work at All About Parking simply park vehicles, but there is a lot of legwork that goes into the job. Valets start their day by securing all the items they need for a hard day’s work, such as ticket slips, traffic cones, and key hooks. Then, once the lot opens, they get to work. During the rush, they run out to greet customers and quickly secure the vehicles in safe parking spaces. They do not have the luxury of walking back to the greeting area for the next customer. They have to run back and keep this process going all day long.

With so much running, valets know that a good pair of shoes is one of the keys to success. Check out the shoes that All About Parking’s valets prefer. You do not have to be a valet to love these comfortable shoes.

Brooks Ghost 11

Runners love Brooks Ghost 11 running shoes, but they are not just for people who want to get a personal best time on the race track. These shoes are a favorite of valets as well as others who need to do a lot of standing and running while at work.

So, what do our valets love about these shoes?

First, they are so lightweight that All About Parking’s valets can easily zip from customer to customer without any issues. Plus, these shoes have DNA midsole cushioning to keep our valet’s feet comfy during their shift. They feel as good at the end of the shift as they do at the beginning.

Nike Epic React Flyknit 2

All About Parking’s valets who want to make a stylish impression without sacrificing comfort love Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 running shoes. These shoes are also available for both men and women and come in fun and stylish colors.

Our valets praise these shoes because of the way they conform to their feet. The soft and supportive shoes stand up during even the most difficult of shifts and are the perfect accessory for running to the next customer or waiting for the next vehicle to arrive.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2

Some of our valets have had issues with sore feet in the past, but that changed when they switched to Under Armour HOVR Sonic 2 running shoes. These shoes are labeled as “zero gravity,” and our valets say they feel like they are floating on air when they wear them. The shoes essentially eliminate the impact the valets would normally feel when their feet hit the pavement. That means they can keep going all shift long without having sore feet.

Our valets also like the shoe’s micro-thread. This fast-drying thread is breathable, so they stay cool and fresh, even during the hottest of days.

Happy Feet Equal Happy Customers

All About Parking’s valets do not just wear the most comfortable running shoes to keep their feet happy. They wear them so our customers will be happy as well. These running shoes help our valets maintain their energy levels (and their smiles) all shift long. That means our customers receive the best service every time they use All About Parking.