What Is EV Charging?

More people than ever before own electric vehicles. People love these vehicles for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because they are better for the environment and less expensive to maintain and run. There is one issue that many owners have, though. They need to keep their vehicles charged and ready to go. 

Many large corporations have some EV charging stations but not enough for everyone. The constant worry of timing a charge makes it difficult for employees to focus and concentrate on their work. This is a huge problem for corporations with employees who drive electric vehicles. All About Parking identified this problem and created a solution, our EV charging valet service.

Let Us Manage Your EV Charging Stations

Our EV charging valet service takes the stress off your employees. They simply bring their electric vehicles to work and All About Parking does the rest. Our skilled attendants monitor the vehicles as they charge and switch them out as needed. Once a vehicle is charged, the valet moves it to a secure parking spot and charges another vehicle. This continues until all the electric vehicles are fully charged and ready to go.

If your employees are worried about handing their vehicles off to one of our valets, they can rest assured that our team knows how to drive every type of electric vehicle out there. Each employee is trained to master all vehicles and stays on top of new features. That means that every vehicle in your lot will be safely charged and parked. That will be a huge relief for your employees.

Increased Productivity

You and your employees will be happy when you use All About Parking’s EV charging valet service. When your employees no longer have to monitor their vehicles and move them so other people can get a charge, they will not only save time but become more productive. They can focus on work while our attendants focus on the vehicles. Just imagine how much more your employees will get done when they can actually focus and work all day.

An Excellent Employee Incentive

Our valet services are also an excellent incentive to use when recruiting new talent. Top companies offer unique incentive packages to get top talent to work with them, and All About Parking’s EV charging valet service is an excellent addition to such a package. Our EV charging valet service shows that your company is committed to the well being of the environment as well as to the satisfaction of your employees. If you want a hiring edge, this can help.

Our EV Charging Valet Clients

All About Parking provides the EV charging valet service to some of the biggest companies out there. Our valet and commercial services have proven to be an invaluable asset to these companies, and we can not wait to add your company’s name to the list.

Enjoy the Benefits of the EV Charging Valet

With so many benefits, it is time to sign up for All About Parking’s EV charging valet service. Your employees will be excited, and you will love the additional productivity. To learn more about how you can begin offering EV charging valet and other commercial services to your employees, visit our website at allaboutparking.com and request a quote today!