How to Solve Parking Lot Chaos on Campus

When you host an event on campus or an exclusive venue, you expect to generate lots of excitement. You are prepared for attendees to be enthusiastic about the event, so they might get a little loud as they take their seats. That can be a bit chaotic, but it’s a happy and manageable form of chaos.

What you don’t expect is for the chaos to extend to the parking lot, but without a parking plan in place, it likely will. Large numbers of attendees and tight parking spaces lead to disorder and confusion. It gets even worse when you host events in metropolitan areas like Silicon Valley. Limited parking spaces leave people driving around, searching for spots. When they finally find one, the event is well underway, and they are so frustrated they want to go home.

This is a frustrating but solvable problem. Valet parking makes arriving at events a breeze. Valet services go beyond parking vehicles. All About Parking provides a fully immersive experience that includes greeting attendees, coat and bag checks, and more. The team can even wear themed uniforms when handling the parking duties for your event.

Are you getting excited about valet parking? Find out how to get started.

Step 1 – Book a Site Inspection

We begin the process by providing a free site inspection. The All About Parking team has decades of experience, and that has taught us a thing or two about analyzing parking lots. A tour of the space will let us know which areas are most likely to create chaos and what we need to do to maintain the flow. The inspection even helps us decide the number of valets you need for your event.

We want you to have the best event possible, which is why we always start with this process. Simply explaining your lot’s structure over the phone is not the same. We need to see the lot to pick up the obstacles that an untrained eye will miss.

Step 2 – Utilize the Parking Consultant Services

All About Parking’s Parking Consultant Services are second to none. Our consultants customize plans for each client they serve. While plans are unique to each client, they include three components that are vital to your event’s success.

First, the plans maximize real estate space. Are you concerned that your parking lot isn’t large enough to accommodate the crowds? Work directly with our consultants, so they can develop a plan for you.

Two, our plans reduce traffic jams during events. It’s impossible to completely prevent a slowdown when thousands of vehicles are driving to the same location. Still, our expertise allows us to greatly reduce the traffic jams that frustrate drivers.

Three, our plans improve the overall guest experience. This goes beyond providing ample spots for parking and reducing traffic jams. Our professional valets understand the meaning of service with a smile. They are friendly, polite, and trustworthy, and they will make a good first impression when people arrive at the venue.

Step 3 – Implement the Valet Service

The hard work is finally over, and now it’s time for the fun to begin. For step three, you’ll need to implement our valet services. All About Parking will manage everything, from overseeing the valet staff to ensuring that each vehicle is properly parked and secured. You can leave the heavy lifting to All About Parking’s talented team.

Have a Stress-free Event

Is parking adding to the stress of planning your next event? Instead of worrying about the logistics, hand over the job to All About Parking. Then you can sit back and watch your happy attendees and employees.

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What Is EV Charging?

More people than ever before own electric vehicles. People love these vehicles for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because they are better for the environment and less expensive to maintain and run. There is one issue that many owners have, though. They need to keep their vehicles charged and ready to go. 

Many large corporations have some EV charging stations but not enough for everyone. The constant worry of timing a charge makes it difficult for employees to focus and concentrate on their work. This is a huge problem for corporations with employees who drive electric vehicles. All About Parking identified this problem and created a solution, our EV charging valet service.

Let Us Manage Your EV Charging Stations

Our EV charging valet service takes the stress off your employees. They simply bring their electric vehicles to work and All About Parking does the rest. Our skilled attendants monitor the vehicles as they charge and switch them out as needed. Once a vehicle is charged, the valet moves it to a secure parking spot and charges another vehicle. This continues until all the electric vehicles are fully charged and ready to go.

If your employees are worried about handing their vehicles off to one of our valets, they can rest assured that our team knows how to drive every type of electric vehicle out there. Each employee is trained to master all vehicles and stays on top of new features. That means that every vehicle in your lot will be safely charged and parked. That will be a huge relief for your employees.

Increased Productivity

You and your employees will be happy when you use All About Parking’s EV charging valet service. When your employees no longer have to monitor their vehicles and move them so other people can get a charge, they will not only save time but become more productive. They can focus on work while our attendants focus on the vehicles. Just imagine how much more your employees will get done when they can actually focus and work all day.

An Excellent Employee Incentive

Our valet services are also an excellent incentive to use when recruiting new talent. Top companies offer unique incentive packages to get top talent to work with them, and All About Parking’s EV charging valet service is an excellent addition to such a package. Our EV charging valet service shows that your company is committed to the well being of the environment as well as to the satisfaction of your employees. If you want a hiring edge, this can help.

Our EV Charging Valet Clients

All About Parking provides the EV charging valet service to some of the biggest companies out there. Our valet and commercial services have proven to be an invaluable asset to these companies, and we can not wait to add your company’s name to the list.

Enjoy the Benefits of the EV Charging Valet

With so many benefits, it is time to sign up for All About Parking’s EV charging valet service. Your employees will be excited, and you will love the additional productivity. To learn more about how you can begin offering EV charging valet and other commercial services to your employees, visit our website at and request a quote today!

Which Electric Vehicle Can Go the Furthest on a Single Charge?

If you are considering buying a new vehicle, you are likely torn between an electric vehicle (EV) and a conventional vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE). The fuel source is the main difference between these vehicles. ICEs are powered by gasoline. The vehicle burns the gasoline internally to produce power for the car.

On the other hand, EVs are powered at least partially by electricity. They have an electric motor that gets power from a fuel cell or batteries.

While some EVs run solely on electricity, others are plug-in hybrids that have a diesel or gas-powered engine along with an electric motor. These vehicles can switch between electric and gas modes.

Advantages of Electric Vehicles

EVs come with several advantages that drivers love. First, of course, these vehicles greatly reduce, and in some cases entirely eliminate, fuel costs. Gas is so expensive these days that avoiding the gas pumps altogether or only fueling up now and then is a huge reason to buy an EV.

These vehicles are also environmentally friendly. There is a lot of talk about global warming these days, and many people are looking for ways to do their part. If you want to join in and help, an EV is a great place to start. These vehicles do not have the same environmental impact as ICEs do.

It is also easy to keep these vehicles powered. Instead of standing at a gas pump, you can just plug in your EV at home or work. You do not have to stand there and wait for it to charge. You can go about your day and come back to a fully charged vehicle.

Now you are thinking an EV might be the right choice for you, but you want something that can go far. You do not want to have to stop for a charge on the way to work or when you’re coming home from an event. That means you want to choose a vehicle that has the power you need to enjoy your daily life.

So which vehicle is the winner?

Meet the Tesla Model S

Tesla has long been the go-to choice for people who want electric vehicles. The company has managed to create some beautiful, high-performing electric cars, and the Tesla Model S is no exception. The Tesla S Long Range goes an amazing 335 miles on a single charge, while the Tesla S Performance goes 315 miles on one charge.

Both vehicles top out at 155 miles per hour, so you still get lots of speed and power with the electric engine. The Performance model can even go from 0-60 in 3 seconds with the standard package, or you can upgrade to Ludicrous Mode for a 20 percent faster acceleration.

Who said that electric vehicles do not have power?

Stay Charged on the Go

When you buy a new electric car, you will need a plan to keep it charged. That is easy when you use All About Parking’s EV Charging Valet. Our attendants can manage your company’s electric vehicle charging stations, swapping out vehicles that are fully charged with vehicles that need a charge. That means you can continue to work when your vehicle charges, and it will be ready for you at the end of the day. Then, you can hop in your fully charged vehicle and go anywhere and everywhere you want to go.

How to Assess Parking Challenges Across an Office Campus

When looking at how to ease the parking problems at your office campus, you should first go out and time how long it takes an employee to find a parking spot during key congestion times.

For a typical office, key congestion times might be during the 8–9 a.m. rush hour and then again during the 12–1 p.m. lunch hour. Analyze how long it takes to walk from the available spaces to the building(s). Aside from reserved VIP spaces, are most of the available spaces quite a distance from the building? How far? Also note the flow of traffic in your lot or garage — does it get congested during the peak hours? How much time does that slow an employee (or visitor) down from getting to their destination?

Next, look at how many employees you have (and plan to have) and how many non-reserved spaces are available. Finally, talk to your employees about their parking frustrations; they’ll be able to give you personal insights that you otherwise might not be considering.

At All About Parking, when we do a site parking analysis, we often hear from businesses that their employees arrive 15–20 minutes early just to get a spot. Then they are afraid to leave for lunch (or meetings) because they don’t want to lose their coveted parking space. And then when they leave work for the day they’re stuck in a long queue of cars just trying to exit the parking lot! All this frustration can be avoided by deploying a valet service company to handle traffic flow and parking demand. At All About Parking, we’ve been working for years at the best-known companies in Silicon Valley to resolve parking problems. Let us know how we can help you come up with the best solution for your company!

4 key questions to ask a commercial valet company before hiring them

How long has the valet parking company been in business? For obvious reasons, you’ll want to choose a company that has been in business for years. Understanding parking issues and solutions doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important to choose a company that has seen what works, and what doesn’t, in a variety of office setups.

Who are their customers and what do they say about them? Reputation is paramount in the valet parking business. Find out who the valet parking company currently handles parking for, and ask to speak to their clients’ parking & transportation managers. Do these clients have similar parking challenges to yours? If so, find out how the valet parking company is addressing these issues. Find out how reliable they are, how well they know their client’s business, and how professional their attendants are.

Are they a national company or a local one? A big advantage of going with a local business is that they will be more nimble and quick to respond to your parking needs. Typically, a local business will deploy their senior management to assess and roll out a company-wide parking and valet plan. The large, national firms will often rely on a less-senior department head, who doesn’t have the same skin in the game as a local owner-operator does.

Ask about their valet training. A valet attendant will be the first — and last — person that your employees or guest see at the beginning and end of each workday. As such, it’s critical that the valet attendant best represents your business. Find out how the company trains their attendants and go check out how their valets operate at an office facility. Are they professional? Are they dressed appropriately for the job? Do they answer questions in a respectful, helpful manner? How do they handle your car? Do they foresee issues and offer solutions — such as reminding you that you left your phone in the car? How about that computer that’s in the back seat? After all, valet is about more than just parking cars; it’s about facilitating the best possible start (and finish) to an employee’s day.