The 5 Latest Innovative Technological Advances in Today’s Vehicles

Vehicles sure have changed over the years. These days, vehicles do not just drive you from point A to point B. They have all kinds of innovative features to make your trips safer and more fun, and All About Parking’s valets stay on top of these technological advancements. Check out some of the coolest technological advancements that have happened in recent years.

1. Driving Modes

Driving modes have changed the way people drive their vehicles. Now, people can switch from normal, eco, sport, sport plus, individual, and track with the push of a button. The driving modes alter the suspension and steering ratio in the vehicle and even change the engine’s performance.

Even electric vehicles have modes that people can use to switch from electric power to hybrid. If you find yourself having to use hybrid when you prefer the all-electric mode, just hand your vehicle off to one of All About Parking’s EV Charging Valets. The attendant will ensure your vehicle gets the juice it needs while you’re out and about.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

When cruise control first hit the market, people were excited. They loved to set it and forget about it, but quickly realized standard cruise control requires monitoring. People had to change the settings to speed up and slow down, so it was not nearly as convenient as they initially expected.

That changed with adaptive cruise control. This system uses a radar or camera system to track the vehicles that are located ahead of the car. Then, the system adjusts the speed as needed. Advanced systems can even bring the vehicle to a complete stop. This system reduces driver fatigue and makes it so much more fun to drive.

3. Connected Mobile Apps

It seems like your smartphone can do anything and everything. It can check the weather, send you directions, and connect you with friends and family members. You might not realize your smartphone can also be integrated into your vehicle. Many vehicles now offer connected mobile apps. These apps can allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely, monitor your fuel and tire pressure, and so much more. Then, of course, you can also enjoy basic features such as calling and listening to music with the help of your mobile phone.

4. Exit Warning to Protect Cyclists

Have you ever swung your car door open, only to end up hitting a cyclist? This is more common than you might think, and vehicle manufacturers have taken note. Now, many offer exit warning systems to protect cyclists. The system monitors the area after the engine is shut off, and if a bicyclist approaches, a warning goes off. Some systems even prevent people from opening the doors if an object is approaching.

You can swing over without worrying about people opening their car doors and hitting your bike. This is great news for our All About Parking valet attendants who maneuver cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists in busy parking lots.

5. Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic emergency braking just might be the best feature to come out in recent years. Vehicles use sensors to monitor the roadways. If an obstacle such as a pedestrian or vehicle jumps out in front of the car, the automatic braking system kicks in and prevents an accident. The system works faster than the human brain does, so it does an excellent job of preventing accidents.

What Will the Future Bring?

These innovative technological advancements have changed the way people think of vehicles. It also makes you wonder what the future will bring. It is impossible to tell, but one thing is for sure: All About Parking’s valets will always take the time to learn about the new advancements so they can safely park your vehicle.