How to Solve Parking Lot Chaos on Campus

When you host an event on campus or an exclusive venue, you expect to generate lots of excitement. You are prepared for attendees to be enthusiastic about the event, so they might get a little loud as they take their seats. That can be a bit chaotic, but it’s a happy and manageable form of chaos.

What you don’t expect is for the chaos to extend to the parking lot, but without a parking plan in place, it likely will. Large numbers of attendees and tight parking spaces lead to disorder and confusion. It gets even worse when you host events in metropolitan areas like Silicon Valley. Limited parking spaces leave people driving around, searching for spots. When they finally find one, the event is well underway, and they are so frustrated they want to go home.

This is a frustrating but solvable problem. Valet parking makes arriving at events a breeze. Valet services go beyond parking vehicles. All About Parking provides a fully immersive experience that includes greeting attendees, coat and bag checks, and more. The team can even wear themed uniforms when handling the parking duties for your event.

Are you getting excited about valet parking? Find out how to get started.

Step 1 – Book a Site Inspection

We begin the process by providing a free site inspection. The All About Parking team has decades of experience, and that has taught us a thing or two about analyzing parking lots. A tour of the space will let us know which areas are most likely to create chaos and what we need to do to maintain the flow. The inspection even helps us decide the number of valets you need for your event.

We want you to have the best event possible, which is why we always start with this process. Simply explaining your lot’s structure over the phone is not the same. We need to see the lot to pick up the obstacles that an untrained eye will miss.

Step 2 – Utilize the Parking Consultant Services

All About Parking’s Parking Consultant Services are second to none. Our consultants customize plans for each client they serve. While plans are unique to each client, they include three components that are vital to your event’s success.

First, the plans maximize real estate space. Are you concerned that your parking lot isn’t large enough to accommodate the crowds? Work directly with our consultants, so they can develop a plan for you.

Two, our plans reduce traffic jams during events. It’s impossible to completely prevent a slowdown when thousands of vehicles are driving to the same location. Still, our expertise allows us to greatly reduce the traffic jams that frustrate drivers.

Three, our plans improve the overall guest experience. This goes beyond providing ample spots for parking and reducing traffic jams. Our professional valets understand the meaning of service with a smile. They are friendly, polite, and trustworthy, and they will make a good first impression when people arrive at the venue.

Step 3 – Implement the Valet Service

The hard work is finally over, and now it’s time for the fun to begin. For step three, you’ll need to implement our valet services. All About Parking will manage everything, from overseeing the valet staff to ensuring that each vehicle is properly parked and secured. You can leave the heavy lifting to All About Parking’s talented team.

Have a Stress-free Event

Is parking adding to the stress of planning your next event? Instead of worrying about the logistics, hand over the job to All About Parking. Then you can sit back and watch your happy attendees and employees.

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