5 of the Most Unique Features in Today’s Vehicles

The valets at All About Parking see lots of unique vehicles each and every day. The team stays on top of the newest features as part of our commitment to providing the best service possible. All About Parking’s valets recently shared their favorite unique features.

1. Honda Odyssey Vacuum Cleaner (HondaVAC)

Keeping a vehicle clean can be hard work, especially if you are busy. It is difficult to fit in time to go to the carwash in between work and social commitments. If you own a Honda Odyssey, you can take care of your vacuuming needs from the comfort of home thanks to the HondaVAC. This vacuum cleaner easily stretches all over the minivan, letting you clean every nook and cranny. The valets at All About Parking have seen this vacuum in action, and they are impressed. They can not wait until it is available in more vehicles.

2. Volvo Drowsiness Detection

Safety is at the forefront of valets’ minds at All About Parking. Our team wants the customers to stay safe on the road, so we were thrilled when we came across Volvo’s drowsiness detection feature. Using a camera system, the technology monitors the driver’s head and eye movements. If it does not like what it sees, it sends an alert to let you know it is time for a break. While our valets are well-rested and do not need this feature at work, it is something everyone can get behind when driving around town.

3. Seat Coolers (Volkswagen Phaeton)

Customers often hand their vehicles off to valets on hot days. Our valets have noticed that people driving the Volkswagen Phaeton do not seem bothered by the heat at all. That is because of their unique seat cooling feature. Our valets are fascinated by this feature and expect it to become more common once everyone realizes how nice it is to stay cool during a long drive.

4. Sky Control (Mercedes SL)

All About Parking’s valets love the sky control feature in the Mercedes SL. Sky control is an electromagnetic glass panel that gives the driver control over the amount of heat and brightness that gets into the vehicle. Drivers can easily brighten or dim the vehicle as they travel the roads. Our valets have seen this feature in action and say it is one of the coolest available.

5. Anti-Theft Technology (Rolls Royce)

The Rolls Royce is easily identified by the Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood. This ornament is a favorite for thieves, so the safety-oriented valets at All About Parking were pleased when Rolls Royce added anti-theft technology to its vehicles. If anyone tries to pull the hood ornament off, it disappears under the hood’s surface. This feature has foiled many a thief, but it is yet to be needed in All About Parking’s parking lots. These lots are safe and secure, so thieves do not even try to steal hood ornaments. It will come in handy when you are out and about in other parts of the city, though.

It is a Great Time to Drive

These unique features show how the automotive industry is changing and thriving. There are so many modern features out there, and new features seem to be added every month. All About Parking’s valets stay on top of each new feature. When you hand your vehicle off to one of our valets, you can rest assured that they are familiar with every feature inside. That allows our team to safely park virtually every vehicle, no matter how complicated the technology is.